Our Footprints in sex trafficking? Mapping the graphic with plot points!

It is estimated that half of the victims human trafficking that are forced, defrauded, or coerced into the sex industry. These are predominantly women and children. They are forced to provide sex for sale through various means such as: pornography, prostitution, escort services, stripping, and many other forms.

The demand for sexual services in the world is a part of a phenomenon of sexual perversity, pederasty, pedophilia, pornography, rape culture, and prostitution. At this point, you may be convinced you do not contribute to sex trafficking.

Perhaps you have checked off in your mind how you do not contribute: I do not buy sex abroad, I do not abuse or buy children, and I do not buy porn. Nevertheless, that may not be all there is to consider as we look at responsibilities to address this.

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Do you see your footprint in labor trafficking?

Our personal footprints in human trafficking can be personally assessed in order to understand that each of us must take ownership of our part. The assessment should be done in two areas: labor trafficking and sex trafficking.

Labor trafficking is the “easiest” to assess because it deals with goods and services that are produced for purchase around the world.

One way to know your footprint is to take a very interactive survey at the website  www.slaveryfootprint.org. You can see an estimate of the number of slaves that work for you by answering a few questions about your consumer habits. This is where the fingerprints of those enslaved meets your daily life.

What creates the Demand for Slave labor workforce in the world today?

Our consumeristic society has created a demand for cheap products and laborers often suffer low wages and deplorable conditions in order to meet the price point required.

Cheaper goods – we want to […]

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