Wow, what a year! Behind the scenes…

It has been an amazing year! I wanted to say thank you very much. Your interest in the information that is provided for encouraging and equipping folks who want to learn more about human trafficking is important to me!

The list of highlights for 2013 activities is amazing! Check it out below. One of the challenging aspects of this ministry is taking the risk for opportunities and asking for God’s provision. I never know how He is going to provide and yet I stand firm to the call knowing He has and He will.

As you look at this list please know that I am a frugal traveler and diligently try to steward my finances well. I am finishing this year in an unusual deficit of about $5000.00. Some of that has to do with book publishing and all the expenses there. Plus a number of unpaid opportunities to speak and […]

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Good news from across the pond!

Internet Safety and reduced exposures to pornography are happening with the help of Internet giants, Google and Bing!  We must do this in the United States!
Please take a few minutes and read this post from InternetSafety101 site
Parents Enough is Enough offers free videos (down the right hand column) on the InternetSafety101 site that I highly recommend.
Here is a sample: Enough is Enough, Alicia’s Story
If you need more information or resources on this topic please let me know there are many!

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