001: Why We Need To Respond to Trafficking

What better way to begin the new Compelled Podcast than with the keynote Tomi gives for attendees at the January 2014 Initiative Dallas Gathering focused on trafficking. In this inspiring talk, she gives four reasons to get involved in eliminating trafficking, and provides a path to that engagement using HOPE.

INITIATIVE Dallas: A network of young Christians seeking to expose needs in Dallas, connect passions and empower young Christians to transform the city for the gospel.  | www.InitiativeDallas.com


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Questions asked from the website

“I’m concerned that, as the issue of slavery and human trafficking becomes more visible and even “trendy,” there may be unscrupulous organizations that spring up. For example, I would like to buy products that are made without slave labor but I am skeptical of the slick websites and packaging of some of the recommended companies. Coffee is one product that seems to have a lot of companies using the fair trade label. “Organic” does not always mean what it implies, so I wonder if the coffee people are wiggling around within the designation of “fair trade” too. Do you have any thoughts on how we can be just and WISE too?”  Ellen


I so appreciate your question! Most folks just assume “Fair trade” and “Free Trade” mean slave free – but that’s not always the case.

I do have some specific suggestions.

http://www.everydayjustice.net  – Julie Clawson’s book and website



http://www.free2work.org (there’s a […]

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