Discovering Early Abolitionist Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) *

As missionary spirit from an early age, Amy Carmichael of Northern Ireland, spent many years in India beginning in 1895. She helped to found a major healing and training center in Tinnevelly region. Beginning in 1901 she worked against a practice of children being trafficked into the temple. She knew their fates were very certain there and appalling to her. “This spirit which trafficks in children is callous and fierce as a ravening beast; and its wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. And this spirit, alien to the land, has settled upon it and made itself at home in it, and so become a part of it that nothing but the touch of God will ever get it out. We want that touch of God.”

Amy was a woman of intense prayer and intercession for the children. She wrote: “We believe there is […]

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Power of One

Too often we think that we are just one person, what can one person do to bring change?

I recently met Belinda who shared her story of the effect of One!  See both images imbedded – they flip back and forth…

Belinda sent me this: “My friend from church told me about a billboard she had to drive past everyday on her way home and in a somewhat half joking manner asked if I could get it removed. This friend felt the content was inappropriate because it pictured a half naked woman.”

Belinda decided to take action. “I drove to the area, I took a picture of the billboard. Then, I called Clear Channel to complain about the content.  I was told it was a national campaign ad for a product that is owned by Coca Cola.  The product is Triple X Vitamin Zero water. I explained to Clear Channel it was […]

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Homeless Children Vulnerabilities

Homeless Children have exceptional vulnerabilities to exploitation!

Children are a growing segment of the homeless population. Moreover, these children have a high vulnerability to abuse and potential exploitation as well as victimization. This article is designed to reveal the prevalence of child abuse and victimization; to help you recognize the signs of child abuse as well as to take an active role in addressing the issue.

Trauma is real and prevalent in the lives of homeless children. The National Center Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) says that homelessness makes families more vulnerable to physical and sexual assault, witnessing violence, or to abrupt separation. These stresses compound homelessness and can impede recovery due to ongoing traumatic reminders and challenges.

Children are particularly vulnerable and may demonstrate both physical and mental symptoms. These children’s physical issues and complicated lives may actually serve to mask an abusive situation. Additionally, they are often not treated medically […]

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