Buoy, I Need Prayer!

In the midst of your anti-human trafficking efforts do you feel like sometimes you have to walk with your headed tilted back–looking up because the disgusting waters are lapping up over your mouth and swirling just under your nostrils?  When the issues of depravity of mankind are so monstrous that you cannot sleep and that sense of drowning in the swill of human savagery overwhelms you where do you turn?
 These devotionals and prayers are meant to encourage your faith and strengthen your walk.  Think of it as a buoy or at least a life jacket to keep your head above the waters and safe from the tumultuous seas filled with vermin in the waters all around you.  From experience, I have seen that today’s abolitionists need encouragement in the midst of a very turbulent sea of human tragedy that boils up all around them.  The depravity that crashes like […]

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Special Announcement: Covenant Eyes Partnership & FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL!

See below for Details on a Father’s Day special announcement below!
Clorox is a powerful cleaning agent and I affirm its use on the dirtiest of all stains. When it comes to the stain of pornography in our society we need powerful cleaning agents, too!

I have found that while there are many products that deal with filtering out pornography for internet users and some products that help provide accountability – few do both. Products that produce great value you want to support and tell others about.  Let me introduce to a product of excellence: Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes provides both filtering and monitoring. They have value-added content on research about the effects of pornography. (Which I constantly use in educating on the topic.) Plus, they have links to organizations that help people to help themselves and others come out from porn’s stranglehold addiction.

This is why I have decided to affiliate with […]

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Responding to S*x Trafficking

Do you have a responsibility to respond concerning sex trafficking?  Previously, I asked you to think about these questions:

When was the last time you recognized the issue in everyday life as it comes across your eyes and ears?
How have you addressed your personal consumption of music, movies, and clothing choices/sexualized fashion, tolerance of pornography on the web or in other venues where commodification of sex for “sale” is tolerated?
Are you are complicit by those choices or have you been silent about this issue?
What proactive steps have you taken to make a difference in what is being offered to society?

Today, we will focus on the aspects of prevention personally and in your community.

Prevention of personal exposure to the elements of sexual services as a commodity to be bought sold on the “open” market is a first step to minimizing trafficking vulnerabilities.

Here are some of the places you will find the […]

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Personal Responsibility – S*x Trafficking

It is not so difficult talking about our contribution to labor trafficking. Those aspects are easier or more palatable to most people than talking about sex trafficking. It touches our lives but we can make immediate changes that can have impacts beyond ourselves quickly. However, when we turn our attention to sex trafficking it is a much more personally challenging issue because of the nature of the violations of humanity it represents.

What we are talking about is half of the victims human trafficking that are forced, defrauded, or coerced into the sex industry.  These are predominantly women and children.  They are forced to provide sex for sale through various means such as: pornography, prostitution, escort services, stripping, and many other forms.

The demand for sexual services in the world is a part of a phenomenon of sexual perversity, pederasty, pedophilia, pornography, rape culture, and prostitution.  At this point, you may […]

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Personal Responsibility- Labor Trafficking

Since human trafficking is the one issue of our day that all of us contribute to then, we all have some personal responsibility to address it.  Every one of us who lives and functions in this modern world of slavery must respond with actions.  It is up to each of us to participate in solving the issues that contribute to trafficking that are done by commission or omission.

Be sure to quantify your contributions’ footprints at: www.slaveryfootprint.org.  So now that you know that everyone contributes and everyone has responsibility to fix the situation what can you actually do?  See earlier blog post: www.tomigrover.com/?p=616

One book that is particularly useful in knowing more about buying goods and services is “Everyday Justice” by Julie Clawson.  See her website: www.everydayjustice.net.  There is more information there about specific products.  The idea is that we must know supply chains of our goods and services to know if […]

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My Personal Contribution

Human trafficking is the one issue of our day that all of us contribute to in some form or fashion.  Yes, I said all of us.  Anyone who has access to read this blog, who lives and functions in this modern world participates by commission or omission in what is happening around the world.

Perhaps you do not believe that you contribute to the problem.  Quick test: without looking, where was your shirt made?  Would it bother you to know that a worker was exploited to make the price point demanded for that garment?  Do you know where the coffee you drank with breakfast was harvested and if the folks that touched the beans were paid a livable wage or not exploited? Have you eaten chocolate this week?  Would it bother you to know that most of the chocolate produced in the world comes from exploited children forced to harvest […]

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