I started reading “Compelled” this morning on the airplane from Atlanta. We just landed and I’m over halfway through it and my brain is buzzing with so many great ideas to help in the fight. Can’t wait to finish it and then re-read while armed with a highlighter! My impulsive self wants to dive right in, so I really appreciate the many times you counsel to pray and wait on God’s direction.

So proud to call you my friend! Continuing to pray!!

Lisa J.


“Great work on “Compelled.”

The footnotes, bibliography, and links are vital. I am praying for many to read and be gloriously ruined.”

Pastor Jay Abernathy, First Baptist Church, Palestine, Texas


Hi! I got your book “Compelled” today. I can’t put it down! Thank you for being obedient to God and writing it. I will be praying like always, but more focused. I was reading the news paper three months ago and saw an advertisement about a free conference in Williamson county call DART. Domestic Assault Response Team. It ended up being more then that. The district attorney and her team put this thing together. Human slavery would fit right into their topics.

Is this my burning bush Lord?

Reader  Chris T.