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Tomi Grover serves as a speaker, author, and teacher. She wrote “Compelled” to help the Christian Church to understand human trafficking. In the book, she explores the Christian church’s role, responsibilities, and response to the atrocities of human trafficking. Tomi tells how God is compassionately compelling a response to human trafficking in the world and He is asking His church to respond by joining Him.

Christmas Tech Gifts

SPECIAL helps for those buying tech for children!

Many children will receive smart phones, IPads, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles for gifts. Each of those devices which has Internet access, photo texting capabilities allow a child to become vulnerable to temptations galore and persistent predators.

You can be proactive in addressing these vulnerabilities in your home by using a filtering, monitoring, and accountability software on your Internet router which covers all the devices.

This affiliate link is my best recommendation: Covenant Eyes – You can sign up for the service and get a month for free using the promo code: STOP.

Or you can copy, cut, and paste this link into your browser: https://covenanteyes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=654

There are a number of practical resources for parents in this digital age and for teaching your children how to be safe online. They must learn to be savvy digital consumers and learn to protect themselves as well. Here are a few sites […]

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Internet Safety Resources

Are you overwhelmed by fears of your children or grandchildren being exposed to unseemly content online? Would you like some resources to make talking and teaching them easier?

There are many options to consider but one thing you must NOT consider is giving up and NOT talking / teaching them! The Internet is not going anywhere and children are being exposed to traumatizing sexualized materials. Parents and grandparents must stand in the gap between their kiddos and the Internet predators!

Here are some resources from a variety of resources to get you started on basic internet safety. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4bPREz7BQodbzhEOFNBU0lzWkE&usp=sharing

This next file is a folder of various documents specifically on pornography and starter videos to help educate you and your children.


Let us help empower you to equip your children!

Please let us know if we can help provide education to your parent-teacher organization, church, or other civic organization. Just email us through the contact link […]

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Easter Chocolates

Easter will be here soon and many people will be buying chocolates.

Before you decide on what to buy I’d like to encourage you to do your homework on how chocolate contributes to slavery.

First, check out the documentary below to see the depth of the issues with slave labor harvested cocoa. Next, check out the link below for Slave Free Chocolate information on the issues but also alternatives for purchasing slave free.

Slave Free Chocolate  – http://www.slavefreechocolate.org

Here is a documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate

Easter is a good time to talk to your friends about this issue and how to make personal decisions that will change the dynamics of slavery in the industry.


Happy Easter!

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Would you help me choose topics that are consistent with what you would be interested in seeing more about? Tell me by the # and/or add your own.

1- Raising my children to be happy and healthy to grow up without sexual or violence victimization

2- Diminishing our exposures to pornography and the violence

3- Teach children to value themselves and others

4- Reducing the likelihood my children will be exploited or abducted

5- How to help other parents understand childhood sexual abuse

6- How to help other parents understand the effects of pornography on children

7- Teach children online safety and citizenship

8- Teach children about how people might want to trick them

9- How-tos on social media with children’s pix

10- How-tos on Internet safety issues

11- How-tos on recognizing human trafficking online grooming

12- How-tos on recognizing Romeo boyfriend

13- Understanding Teens and dating violence issues

14- Understanding sex trafficking in the US context

15- Understanding sex trafficking […]

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Porn and purdah

How is it on one globe with 7+ billion people (a little more than half of which are women) there would be two practices that seem to be the exact opposite of one another?

How can the complete exposure (pornification and/or objectification) of women in society stand simultaneously in contrast to the practice known as Purdah focused on the concealment of women? (Even this picture of women using cell phones to take pictures while wearing Burkas seems a lesson in opposites.)

Our frame of reference can make all the difference in a world where two seemingly opposed events are happening at the same time.

What is the value of discussing this? The roots of this tree feed the trafficking of women for sexual purposes. To diminish the demand for the enslavement of women we must address the thinking that leads to their situations.

Here are some useful definitions.*

Simultaneity is the property of two […]

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Dream with me

My “I have dream” speech would begin with this vision. We can and should work together toward a society where individuals and organizations are equipped to respond to human trafficking as a public health crisis and where strategic engagement eradicates exploitation in our lifetime.

 And to that end, I am compelled to encourage and equip individuals and organizations to work comprehensively, holistically, strategically, and cooperatively through prevention, intervention, education, and holistic recovery of victims.

Accomplishing those “big hairy audacious goals” is achievable by staying focused on the dream or vision and by encouraging and equipping others. The mechanisms to do this vary greatly.

For me, on any given day fulfilling the mission may look like a presentation to a group of parents at a school PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) event to teach them to prevent exposures of their children to exploitation. On another day, it may be training for the staff […]

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Parent Resources on Porn

Help! What’s a parent to do about pornography in their children’s lives? and what does that have to do with trafficking of children?

In earlier times parents who found, “dirty” magazines would instruct children, “Just don’t do it!” Today, this is woefully inadequate instructions for children who are being bombarded day after day in a perfect storm of influences that converge on their lives.

Hounded by music, media, movies, fashion, technology, and the Internet our children (and grandchildren) have unprecedented access to pornography. If fact, they don’t have to go looking for porn – PORN comes looking for them. The average age for exposure is 9 years old! Furthermore, predators online have easy online access to children. Luring them to exploitive situations.

The linkages of pornography and sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation of children are clear. The demand created by pornography for images of the rape and torture of children is growing. […]

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Resources on Trafficking

The number of resources that are available to prevent, detect, and report are always growing.

Here is a new set of resources that may be helpful as you learn more about trafficking and what responses you may take.


Take a few minutes and look at their videos and downloadable resources.

Please know I am here to serve you! If there is an area of interest in human trafficking you would like to learn more about, please contact me.

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Repeating Good History

Public health issues of the past may help to make positive changes concerning the anti-pornography movement.

Over the last 50 years, there have been significant changes about the public’s health concerning cigarettes. This change has been gradual, comprehensive, and very dramatic.

“What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor?” An ad campaign by the tobacco industry that today we would call ludicrous. Today, we have warnings and much research proving the harms of smoking! We need to repeat this history concerning pornography.

Fight the New Drug has been on the leading edge of education about the effects of porn on youth. They have also endeavored to create a movement of teens who have recognized the negative effects of porn and are working together to become a formidable voice against consumption by their peers. Visit their website at www.fightthenewdrug.org  and check out their motherlode of resources and materials!

Getting to the roots of the issues of pornography […]

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