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3 Factors in Child pornography

Recently, I assembled a presentation on the issues of children, pornography, and sexual exploitation. After reading a great number of research articles, news stories, and reports on a particular subject, three themes began to surface. This article is a sampling of the 3 findings.

First, children have increased vulnerabilities for exploitation. Their vulnerabilities stem from access by those who are perpetrators and a child’s access to information that is grooming them for participation in sexually exploitive situations. Plausibly, the Internet may “provide an ideal criminogenic context for sexual solicitation of minors.” (Choo 2009; Quayle et al. 2012). Many factors may make a child vulnerable. These may include environmental exposures in their home life such as poverty, homelessness, or running away. Children are also vulnerable because of naivety, curiosity, early exposure to pornography, sexualized behaviors, and early victimization. The single most common issue is child sexual abuse (in the U.S.) which is […]

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Confronting 7 Historic assumptions about pornography

The current literature and scholarly research in the area of the anti-pornography movement expose many assumptions we mistakenly carry toward pornography. Here are 7 to consider and the realities we face today in standing against this putrid cancer in our society.

Assumption #1 – Only those who seek it out have access – historically, we think of the dirty old man at the seedy bookstore. Today, Online pornography is ubiquitous on the Internet and is pervasive in pop-up ads for unsuspecting users or those not savvy to the tactics of luring consumers.

Assumption #2 – Only those who are sexually deviant seek it out – historically, perverts and pedophiles were the primary consumers. The nature of human beings is we’re sexual beings and therefore all sexually curious. Today, the opportunities to explore are limitless in the new digital space with highly violent and deviant content that entices engagement and exploration to […]

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7 Fears of Parenting a Digital Native

7 Fears of Parenting a Digital Native

Parenting has changed in this digital age! This generation of digital natives* are immersed in many digital technologies. Since most of today’s parents are immigrants to the digital space teaching their children, digital citizenry is a whole new arena of parenting. Hopefully, this article review will help provide some guidance to parents wondering what the technology is doing to their children.

This ticle is a review George, M. J., & Odgers, C. L. (2015). “Seven Fears and the Science of How Mobile Technologies May Be Influencing Adolescents in the Digital Age.” Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10(6), 832-851.

(All quotes are from this source unless otherwise indicated.)

Fear 1: Use Concerns

Children have been immersed in the digital space with little training on citizenry in that space. “Close to 90% of U.S. adolescents now own or have access to a mobile phone… [and] send and receive an average […]

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5 Things about Porn, Pastors wish their Parishioners knew

5 Things about Porn,  Pastors wish their Parishioners knew

Pastors and Priests may fear to talk to their congregations about pornography for a number of reasons. Some choose not to talk about it in their messages and others talk about it but do so with trepidation. What they would like their members to know about pornography is more than just “it’s bad, so don’t do it!”

PORN is a Catch-22 topic! “If I talk about porn from the pulpit it is NOT an admission that I am struggling with using porn. If I DO NOT talk about porn from the pulpit, it is NOT an admission I am struggling with using porn.” Striking a balance of exposing the right Truths and in the right context on any sin issue is challenging. Pornography comes loaded with assumptions of guilt. With this highly pornified society, it is more likely assumed that everyone is […]

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Realities for Children

Children’s exposures to porn have never been higher. They are being exposed in a variety of ways: accidentally on the Internet by searches, gaming, or ads, by peers, by perpetrators, and others in their lives. What they are being exposed to is highly violent and very damaging.

It is going to take each of us standing in the gap for these children. We must demand a stop to this freight train of pornography that is devastating their lives with physical, emotional, and relational consequences.

This recent article by the BBC ( talks about a study in the UK that demonstrates the high level of interaction and exposures children are getting to porn. From that study Fight the New Drug, an anti-pornography organization posts a very revealing article about the addiction issues and desensitization of children. Fight the New Drug focuses on the brain science aspects of pornography and they have excellent presentations […]

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Modern Day Slavery and the Church revisited

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He has anointed Me
To preach the gospel to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed;
Luke 4:18 as Jesus read from Isaiah 61
There are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history. Trafficking is the fasting growing crime in the world today. Experts estimate in the world estimate about 48.5 million people are in slavery of all types. These are educated guesses based on specific criteria as well as actual findings. They give us a point to start a conversation about human trafficking. We will explore in this article specifically why the Church should be concerned about this global phenomenon.

First, let’s consider one other number.  We need to be most concerned about the growing consumer base that […]

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Targeted – how porn grooms children

Children are a primary target of pornographers. They are grooming kids for early and life-long consumption habits and are quickly becoming the primary go-to “educational” tool online, instead of parents.

Some of the best work I have found in the U.S. is being done by Kristen A. Jenson and Claudine Gallacher at Protect Young Minds.

I’d like to introduce you to Kristen A. Jenson, “author of the best-selling children’s book Good Pictures Bad Pictures, Protect Young Minds™ (PYM) seeks to help parents “porn-proof” their kids before they come across highly addictive and easily accessible internet pornography.”

Claudine Gallacher “serves as the Outreach and Education Consultant for Protect Young Minds™ and served as the writing coach for Good Pictures Bad Pictures. To help inform parents she writes, researches, speaks and specializes in social media marketing.”

Please take some time to read their insightful materials and sign-up for their informational resources. I encourage you to the obtain their book Good Pictures […]

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Intriguingly Disguised

The road to Emmaus was a popular transit route in Jesus’ day. Two initially unnamed men were walking to Emmaus after the crucifixion and empty tomb was found. Imagine the intense conflicting and confusing emotions they must have felt believing all hope had been dashed by the events of the crucifixion and the unknown location of Jesus’ body.

As the men talked together a perfect stranger approaches them. This is a funny interaction between them when the stranger asks them what they are discussing. Cleopas, who is finally named, boldly asks the stranger how he could possibly not know of what was going on. The stranger plays along asking them to tell him more about Jesus of Nazareth.

They replied “He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people.” (v19) They went on and told the stranger of the proceedings of the death sentence and […]

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Advocacy is important!

Human Trafficking Advocacy Day is next Wednesday, January 25th at the Texas State Capitol. You can join me for a brief training at First Baptist Church in Austin at 9 am and then go to the Capitol South steps at 11 am for the advocates rally.

Do you know what to do to advocate with your legislator? Here are some practical suggestions:

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In conjunction with this, advocates from across Texas are preparing to address their 85th session legislative representatives on the issues pertaining to human trafficking. According to the online Texas Legislature resources, there appears to be 17 bills that have already been introduced. (Search for “Trafficking” This is an opportune time to help our Representatives to understand the concerns of their constituency related to human trafficking and which bills to be most focused on.

Never underestimate the power of one phone call. For […]

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