In April 2012, I read Mark Batterson’s book “Circle Maker.” On page 77, my train of thought derailed. Mark revealed how people contact him (because of his being a New York Times bestseller author) to coach them on writing. He said his question to those folks is never if they could write but if they are called to write. The admonition clicked for me. The Lord had been telling me for some time to write down what He was doing and to tell His people. Writing became an act of obedience for me whether anyone would ever read the book or not!

I prayed and asked God for a plan. He clearly showed me a map for accomplishing the task. I personally had my doubts but I threw out the fleece about several things I thought I needed in order to get the project accomplished. They were: a remote place in the mountains that I would be able to have electricity to plug in my computer; for a 10 day period; at a cost I could reasonably afford; a place that I would not be disturbed and yet safe. I asked for the impossible. God in his infinite wisdom had it all worked out and all I had to do was ask.

Pastor Jeff Johnson, a dear friend, read my texts and the BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) list of needs. He went to work on my behalf. In just a few days, the trip amazingly came together. I had dates for the Silver Cliff Ranch that were “impossible” and yet perfect. They had a window in their schedule for the summer from June 29 – July 10th when only the staff would be on site and no campers. What? A summer camp that knows the July 4th week is not a great week for churches to bring campers!

Fires were raging in Colorado as my June 28th travel date approached. I really wondered if a real “burning bush” would be waiting there. After several phone calls and reassurance, I ventured to Colorado stewarded by God’s servants, Eric and Leta Dahlberg.

This picture is of the very mountain where I experienced the epiphany moment: “I am” a writer.  This experience seared a branding of His call in my heart to write. The first book “Compelled” comes out this month!

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