One of my favorite things to say during difficult circumstances over the years has been “Blessed are the flexible, for they don’t get bent out of shape.” I realized however, in my witty lyrical expression there was room for growth and improvement.

While flexibility seems to be a cherished commodity these days is it really God’s best for our lives? Flexibility means you stand firmly rooted and grounded and simply flex or bend to the situation or circumstances. It means the circumstances do not move you to be different. What if, going with God meant being moved, changed, or transformed? Can you go with God and stay where you are? Perhaps you believe that you have to keep grounded, immovable, or centered in your position. A balancing must occur between who we are in our core, our beliefs, our inner person, and our willingness to change our course and direction.

We all need to define our “true North” for our compasses to be accurately pointed toward God’s agenda for our lives. Unfortunately, we have hopes, dreams, aspirations and expectations that we build up over the years that are mistaken for core values and keep us from making course adjustments to stay on the right path. What brings you to your core values?

Social norms and truths have become relative commodities. In that context, how do we distinguish right from wrong and be true to Christ’s mission on earth? How do you decide what is non-negotiable in your life? If you had to define your core values, what would they be? How does the Bible inform you as to what your core values are? Do you have a daily time with God to be reminded of those things He as most esteemed qualities? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life to guide your core values?

Core values are the non-negotiable aspects of a personal walk with Christ. Where do you find those? Start with the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) then find out what Jesus said was the greatest commandments (Matt 22:36-40). These are a good start on defining your core values. Living out those core values will be a daily endeavor. The question becomes how to live in the midst of difficult circumstances in such a way that at our core, at our very atomic DNA level is how do we maintain those values and yet be moved by the circumstances so that we can go with God’s plan and not our own?

As I wrestled with that thought over the years a new statement, which more accurately reflects my mantra, what I believe is God’s design for our lives. “Blessed are the fluid, for they learn to go with the flow.”

Fluidity allows you to go with the flow of circumstances. You can adjust your direction and move around the boulders in life with grace. At the core of your being, your very make up, you are true and consistent to whom you are at the atomic level. Like the elements of H2O, you can be ice, water, or vapor. You can extinguish fires that flare up!

Fluidity allows you to change your direction and to transform your being, thinking, and acting in new ways. You can change direction more easily and adapt to anything that comes your way. You make your way around the rocky places and are not confined. You can manage your expectations more efficiently because you are ready to respond and adapt. You are moved but remain at your core exactly who God wants you to be.

There is no need to get angry when you go with the circumstances that come your way. You manage your disappointments with grace and ease because you know that nothing touches your life that has not gone through God’s sovereign hands. We are secure in His will for our lives even if it looks different that our plans.

Fluidity is not an excuse to be chameleon-like either. We do not change our spots to match the background. We stay true to the core values God has called us to, living in integrity with His fruit in our lives.  However, we do not have expectations of our lives being a “picture perfect” mural that we draw in advance and try maintain at all costs.

How do you maintain your core values when you feel like you are constantly pulled and ebbing with the circumstances? We are what we are at the core because we have stayed true to who God has called us to be in the inner most parts of our being. When we are certain of what we hope for in relationship with Him the movement is as natural as the babbling brook that feeds into the sea.

Will you be flexible or fluid? I pray that as you define who you are at your core, in your inner most being, that God will energize your walk and give you grace on the journey!