Matthew 6:13, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.

The movies today are obsessed with the personification of evil in our world. What is this fascination with being able to be present with evil, see evil overtake the world, to cause chaos, nightmares, and that ghoulish macabre-aura? 

People pay millions of dollars to see these demonic representations and some attempt to emulate them.  Personally, I’d rather read a good book where good triumphs over evil. I am a real Frank Peretti fan – while he writes with a Stephen King flavor he keeps his evil characters in balance with the ultimate good.

But horrors like these are not limited to the movies or books. Actual victims of trafficking and others are experiencing this presence of evil in real life.  Consider the evil greedy traffickers and their wicked means of controlling individuals. Cruelty that is unimaginable and that de -values the human being, created in the
image of God. Consider the consumers of products produced by slaves or the sex slaves who endure rape many times per day. Then there are corrupt and blinded governments systems that allow such atrocities to remain unchecked. 

All of this can be overwhelming to think about let alone see first hand. So we must buffet ourselves and take seriously these matters in the spiritual realm.

Ephesians 6:12  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil  in the heavenly realms.

This whole passage is telling us to know that enemy is real and that we must not be naïve to the reality of it.  We must surround ourselves with others who will pray with us, for us, and hold us accountable.  Don’t give the enemy a foothold in your life. He will attack you personally, your spouse and family, your business, your church and others close to you.

You must be in prayer and keep your personal devotion to God’s Word. It must remain a priority to attend a small group as well as corporate worship to keep your ears tuned to God’s voice.

Don’t be fooled by the evil one, he is looking to destroy and discredit you at every turn especially in your relationships!

As we consider Matthew 6 today our prayers can reflect our personal requests, intercession on behalf of the vulnerable and the victims of trafficking , as well as the consumer who participates.

  • Let us not be tempted to act wickedly toward others – as those that abuse human beings
  • Let us not be tempted to take revenge on the Lord’s behalf–He says that is His to do see these references: Romans 12:19, Dt 32:35; Ge 50:19; 1Sa 26:10; Ps 94:1; Jer 51:36
  • Let us not be tempted to participate in the illicit activities of pornography – even as we check our email, the devil is there crouching at the door with just one little innocent ad.
  • Let us not be tempted to give pat answers or flippant responses to the situations people find themselves in – we don’t know how they got to that place, nor are we in a position of judgment on their lives.
  • Let us not be tempted to sit back in our everyday, busy lives and do nothing about this issue
  • Let us not be tempted to be silent when our voices can speak up on behalf of individuals who are enslaved
  • Let us not be tempted by our consumer mentality to buy without thinking through how we can spend our money in ways that do the most good
  • Deliver us from the temptation to watch movies, listen to music and/or read books that ultimate glorify something other than
  • God Deliver us from the idols of our lives that keep us in temptations snares
  • Deliver us from what keeps us captive so we can help deliver others who are in captivity
  • Deliver the children who are enduring the cruel abuses of their traffickers
  • Deliver the people trapped as slaves in the sex industry
  • Deliver the people who participate in sexual immorality and pornography
  • Deliver the people trafficked into labor and industry by greedy corporations and
  • governments
  • Deliver your people from their sins – 2 Chronicles 7:14



Let’s pray!