Too often we think that we are just one person, what can one person do to bring change?

I recently met Belinda who shared her story of the effect of One!  See both images imbedded – they flip back and forth…

Belinda sent me this: “My friend from church told me about a billboard she had to drive past everyday on her way home and in a somewhat half joking manner asked if I could get it removed. This friend felt the content was inappropriate because it pictured a half naked woman.”

Belinda decided to take action. “I drove to the area, I took a picture of the billboard. Then, I called Clear Channel to complain about the content.  I was told it was a national campaign ad for a product that is owned by Coca Cola.  The product is Triple X Vitamin Zero water. I explained to Clear Channel it was offensive and near a school. They asked me to please send a photo because their policy has always been: “If you wouldn’t want your mother to see it then we shouldn’t advertise it on our billboards.”

About an hour after I spoke with Clear Channel they sent an email to me agreeing to remove it the same day! That evening my husband and I drive to the billboard to see a blank white canvas!!!

That was a defining moment for me. I knew I was in this fight for life!!

You can take advocacy action, too! You can get results when you handle your requests with respect and appeal to corporations to make changes.

Thank you God for using Belinda to make her community a better place!