Prayer is the hardest of all works. First, we must take time to actually pray. Second, even though we rarely know or see immediate results from praying we must persist! In our instant results society this is not an easily sustained discipline.

But, Pray we must because it IS the work of change. It is the one thing we can do, always with expectation and fervency.

Prayer is the work and ministry is the reward. We can not know God’s heart unless we are praying!

This is the first place Moses went (v 16) – with the Elders (the faith leaders) before they went to Pharaoh asking him to let their people go from slavery.  See Exodus Chapter 3.

Today is the 10th of June and a dedicated group of folks pray on the 10th of every month at 10 am or 10 pm (or anytime you can) to address the issues of trafficking on Interstate 10. I-10 has been named by the FBI as the #1 trafficking corridor in the United States. We pray for victims, offenders, consumers, businesses. We ask ordinary citizens pray for God to respond and to use them to appropriately address the demand in their sphere of influence.

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