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Presentation Topics:

Human Trafficking 101

The basics of everything you need to know about human trafficking. How does trafficking touch your life? How do you contribute to trafficking? What does trafficking looks like in the U.S. context? What are appropriate responses?


Human Trafficking 201 – Developing a personal response

How can you respond personally to human trafficking? Learn the details of fair trade and slave free products and creating a global impact by buying differently. Determine to make personal changes to address consumer habits fueling the commercial sex industry.


Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

The reality is that commercial sexual exploitation of children (U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents) has been found all across the country. This workshop focuses on the clues and cues to recognize a potential victim and how to respond. This is a detailed presentation. Appropriate audiences include: first responders, medical personnel, law enforcement, youth detention workers, teachers, and anyone who has children or youth.


Help I have children! – Parents (or grandparents) Update

Help for the parent in addressing technology’s lure for children and their vulnerability to exploitation. Learn about resources for understanding the perfect storm and how to interrupt the culture’s effect. Presentations can be tailored to the audience. Specific helps are available for Christian parents on the more compelling story of sexuality from Scripture.


Human Trafficking 301  — Now what do I “do?”

Now that you know, what trafficking is perhaps you need help finding connections to grassroots organizations addressing human trafficking. Discover your local groups and find a niche where you feel passionate. Perhaps you have found there is nothing already in place where you live and you want to begin a work?


Connecting the Dots – Porn and Trafficking

You do not have to go looking for porn; it is coming to look for you! The proliferation of pornography and the normalization of consumption have led to early vulnerability for children. How does pornography affect the consumer? Learn what to do to interrupt the effects of pornography and get help for those addicted.


Human Trafficking and the Christian Church

Discover what God is doing about human trafficking. What does the Biblical narrative teach about the church’s role, responsibilities, and response to the issues both locally and globally.


Responding to God’s call

No more Moses-like excuses are acceptable. The Christian church is God’s plan “A” to address human trafficking the world. If you have a sense of God’s call on your life personally you cannot say, “No.” This session will explore the “crisis of belief” and the next steps to obedience.


Strategic thinking – find your PIER (pre-requisite for the PIER sessions)

Prevention, Intervention, Education, and Restoration – 4 part series or stand alone presentations

Get beyond the basics and a personal response to a more comprehensive strategy to engage holistically on the issues of trafficking. Put on your thinking cap and map out a plan with your leadership team.

  •  PIER strategy of Prevention – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Discover how prevention can be a foundation for addressing vulnerabilities of children. No plan to address human trafficking would be complete without a strategy to reduce or eradicate the demand. This session can be tailored to US context or focus on the international aspects of trafficking.
  •  PIER Strategy of Intervention – You can work to create a group of vigilant citizens, not vigilantes! Intervention can be a very slippery slope term in moving people toward actively engaging on human trafficking. Learn how to participate in advocacy and strategic endeavors that interrupt trafficking operations without creating a nightmare for your group or the law enforcement.
  •  PIER Strategy of Education – Clueless describes the average person in the world today concerning human trafficking and its reach into their lives. There is and will continue to be a need for community and peer education. You can teach others about what you have learned. This session will help you bring together “plug and play” free resources!
  •  PIER Strategy of Restoration– -A critical need exists in the availability of restorative care for victims of trafficking. Globally, there are ministries and non-profits that work to walk with victims after they are rescued. Perhaps you are drawn to work in direct care with victims or in operation of a facility. This session will help you learn what resources there are to engage with providing for restorative care.


Building Bridges – Human Trafficking

Addressing human trafficking is a complex issue. Learn how to develop community coalitions and to work in cooperation with law enforcement taskforces. Case studies and resources to develop these relationships will help to foster cooperation and collaboration.


Advanced Human Trafficking for Law Enforcement Officers

Texas law enforcement officers are mandated to take a 4-hour prescribed training (TCLEOSE 3270 or 3271). An agreement with agency that is a mandated reporter is necessary to provide this training. The details must be arranged in advance with that agency.


Advanced and Customized Topics

  • Empowering Indigenous Solutions – understanding why and how solutions orientation
  • Medical Assessment Recognition – Keys for front line clinicians
  • HIV/AIDS – The sex trafficking connections