Raven’s faith

Have you ever read Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven?”
“Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;” —
“Then the bird said “Nevermore.”

These words of poetry meant nothing to me as student years ago. But then I had no idea of God or His use for the creature. Today I have a very different vantage point of God’s provision. Through the intersection of Poe’s poetic thoughts I can see more clearly God’s use of the raven’s faith.

I now know, by faith, God personally and the Bible more fully. I have experienced God’s provision like Elijah. This is an exhilarating ride that at times is excruciating, too. I can only imagine Elijah’s level of obedience to God’s instructions.

“Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah: “Leave here, turn eastward and hide in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan. You will drink from the brook, and I have […]